Ink tubing

Flexible tubing or hoses for fluid systems
Multilayer fluoropolymer tubing with high flexibility and very good resistance to aggressive process chemicals, coatings, inks. The alternative to rigid PTFE, FEP or PFA hoses.

A) Highly flexible tubing for solvents, coatings, lacquers, fine chemicals, printing and coating plants:

UP1 : Transparent with small bending radius and excellent media visibility. Combination of ETFE in the inner layer and Polyurethane in the outer layer.

UP1-0425 UP1-0640 UP1-0850 UP1-1065 UP1-1280
Dimensions (mm) 4 x 2,5 6 x 4 8 x 5 10 x 6,5 12 x 8
Bending radius (mm) 12 20 23 32 40

UP1-BLK : in black outer layer for UV lacquer systems and UV inks !
All advantages of the UP1 hose now also for UV !

UP1-0640-BLK UP1-0860-BLK UP1-1080-BLK
Dimensions (mm) 6 x 4 8 x 6 10 x 8

B) Specific tubing for digital inks, the inner layer is always a fluoropolymer:

HB1 : transparent hose with water vapour and solvent barrier

HB2 : Black hose or Transparent hose with gas and oxygen barrier

HB3 : Yellow hose with UV shielding, particularly suitable for UV curing systems, UV varnishes or UV inks. A unique hose with media visibility!

Outer Layer Feature Dimensions
HB1 Transparent Water vapour and Solvent barrier 4 x 3
6 x 4
8 x 6
10 x 8
HB2 Black Gas and Oxygen barrier
HB3 Yellow Media visibility